I am currently (as of 1st March 2013 until end of May 2013) conducting a piece of qualitative research with the support and ethical backing of the Birmingham City University.

If you would be interested in being a partcipant in this new study please contact me via the contact form or at:



If you are an integrative Psychotherapist or Counsellor then your experience could prove very valuable to a new and exciting study:

·       We are currently seeking accredited BACP or UKCP Counsellors and/or Psychotherapists with one year post accreditation experience to volunteer to take part.

·       The aim of this study is to help gain a greater understanding of the experience of working with clients who have disclosed sexual fantasies by asking the question;

"How do integrative Counsellors and Psychotherapists experience working with clients who disclose their sexual fantasies?"

I am in my final 4thyear of advanced training in Psychotherapy and have been working with clients in private practice for four years. I am conducting a qualitative research study and therefore looking for participants who have worked with clients who have disclosed or present with sexual fantasies,for example 'kink' sexuality ('kink' being the word used to describe bondage, discipline, domination, sadism and masochism and fetish collectively) and any other sexual fantasies. This research is designed to gain a great understanding of the therapist's experiences and the needs of their clients.

Thank you for reading this!


"I can provide further information on request, I also have a participant consent form and information guide available to send out.

I am very excited about this new research and I am hoping to make contact with others who can enrich this study and help by sharing their experiences. The research would involve you being interiewed for up to 60 minutes and asked about your experiences of working with these client issues. Full details of confidentiality and data protection are provided in the information sheet.

I am located in Birmingham and do have access to rooms for interviewing purposes, both in Bromsgrove and at the university, Perry Barr, Birmingham.

However I am fully prepared to travel to you and meet at a time and place that is suitable. My main goal is to cause the least amount of inconvenience to my participants and safeguard their privacy. I value any contribution and feel as therapists we all have a lot to learn from each others experiences, particularly in an area which has had limited research conducted thus far."

Paul James Wheatley MBACP