I am currently (as of 1st March 2013 until end of May 2013) conducting a piece of qualitative research with the support and ethical backing of the Birmingham City University.

If you would be interested in being a partcipant in this new study please contact me via the contact form or at:


During 2013 and 2014 I conducted research asking:

    "How do integrative Counsellors and Psychotherapists experience working with clients who disclose their sexual fantasies?"

 I conducted a qualitative research study with participants who had worked with clients 'kink' sexuality ('kink' being the word used to describe bondage, discipline, domination, sadism and masochism and fetish collectively) and any other sexual fantasies. This research was designed to gain a greater understanding of the therapist's experiences and the needs of their clients.

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"For those interested I can provide further information on request. 

Paul James Wheatley MBACP